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Canada Apple Picker Jobs with Visa Sponsorship March 2024 ($11/hour)



Fruit Packer & picking jobs in Canada exciting job bank fruit packer & picker openings

Canada Apple Picker Jobs with Visa Sponsorship March 2024 ($11/hour)

Unlocking Opportunities: The Guide to Apple Picking Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

The agricultural sector in Canada is ripe with opportunities, especially for those interested in apple picking. With the country’s agriculture industry booming, there’s a high demand for apple pickers, a role that not only offers a chance to earn but also to explore the scenic beauty of Canada. In 2024, a sponsored visa can pave the way for earning $22,289 annually or $12 per hour in this fulfilling occupation.


Canada’s thriving agriculture sector is constantly on the lookout for dedicated apple pickers, presenting an attractive proposition for foreign nationals through visa sponsorship. This guide explores the prospects of apple picking jobs in Canada, emphasizing the benefits and providing a comprehensive job description.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

The year 2024 marks a significant opportunity for individuals seeking fruit picking jobs in Canada, thanks to sponsored visa opportunities. Canadian agricultural farms, particularly those specializing in fruit, are in need of labor. Fluent English speakers with a high school diploma or equivalent qualifications are ideal candidates for these positions. Experience in farming is an advantage, though not mandatory, as on-the-job training is provided.


Benefits of an Apple Picker Job with Visa Sponsorship in Canada:

  • Earning Potential: Earn between $15 and $20 per hour, with possible additional benefits.
  • Explore Canada: A chance to experience Canada’s breathtaking landscapes and pristine environment.
  • Visa Assistance: Support in obtaining a work visa for Canada.
  • Accommodation: Many employers offer housing, reducing initial living expenses.
  • Transport: Commute arrangements to and from work are often provided.



Personal Growth and Learning:

  • Acquire new skills in fruit picking and possibly other agricultural practices.
  • Interact with people from diverse backgrounds, enhancing cultural understanding.
  • Gain satisfaction from contributing to food production and being part of a collaborative team.





  • Be mindful of the seasonal nature of these jobs.
  • Prepare for physically demanding tasks.
  • Conduct thorough research on the employer and living conditions before committing.

Job Description: Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada

Responsibilities include sorting, weighing, and packing fruit, maintaining cleanliness around the conveyor belt and packaging area, inspecting fruit quality, and handling transportation of crates. The role demands meticulousness in assessing fruit quality and ensuring the packaging meets the required standards.


For those aspiring to work in a dynamic and rewarding field, apple picking in Canada with visa sponsorship offers more than just a job; it’s a pathway to new experiences and personal growth. With attractive salaries, the chance for permanent residency through the Agri-Food Pilot, and a host of other benefits, it’s an opportunity worth exploring.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the average salary for Apple Pickers in Canada? Apple pickers earn an average of $11 per hour, with annual earnings ranging from $21,938 for entry-level positions to $27,563 for experienced workers.
  • How is the pay scale for fruit pickers determined? Pay scales can vary, with some workers paid hourly and others based on the quantity of fruit harvested.
  • Can agricultural workers in Canada obtain permanent residency? Yes, through the Agri-Food Pilot, non-seasonal agricultural workers in certain industries have a pathway to permanent residency.

Stay informed and take the first step towards a promising future in Canada’s agriculture industry.

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