Czechia Work Visa 2024: Types of Permits & Application Process

Czechia Work Visa 2024: Types of Permits & Application Process

Czechia is a low-unemployment, developed nation in Europe. The population of the nation as of April 8, 2024, is 10.67 million. The hourly minimum salary is 13.6 euros. We will explain the various types of work permits and the application process for a Czech work visa in this post. In Czechia, the number of foreign laborers has been increasing. Over 823,000 foreign workers were employed by the end of 2023.

The rules are previously known to you. To work in Czechia, you do not require a work permit or a visa if you are an EU citizen. The Alien Police Department only requires you to register within 30 days of your arrival. Every other citizen of a third country will need to get a work permit and a visa from the Embassy.

Foreign nationals in third countries must have a job offer before applying. Below are more specifics on the job search, work permits, and the visa application procedure.

Types of Czechia Work Permits For Non-EU Nationals

First and foremost, it’s critical to understand the various kinds of work permits and their functions.

1) Employee Card

For non-Europeans, the most popular kind of work permit is an employee card. For more than ninety days, holders of a long-term residence permit are permitted to reside and work in the Republic of Czechia. The duration of the Employee Card is two years.

A specific job is associated with an employee card. A central positions database lists job openings that are open to foreign nationals.

2) EU Blue Card

Highly qualified professionals with a few years of work experience are eligible for the EU Blue Card. The duration of the EU Blue Card for non-EU citizens is two years. It also falls under a long-term residence permit for Czechia.

3) Intra Company Transfer Card

A particular kind of long-term residency permit provided in the Czech Republic for individuals being transferred within the same firm to work in the country is known as an Intra-firm Transfer Card (ICT Card).

Note: Nationals of third countries may apply for a long-term visa lasting longer than 90 days or a short-stay (Schengen visa) valid for up to 90 days to work seasonal jobs in Czechia.

Required Documents for Visa Processing

  • A Valid Travel Document
  • Employment Contract and all details
  • Employment application form
  • Visa application form
  • Accommodation details
  • Passport Size Picture
  • Qualification Proof

Czechia Work Visa Application Process and Requirements

  • Obtain an offer letter from the employer to begin the job search process.
  • Employer: An employer will either apply for the work permit on your behalf or provide you with information on how to apply.
  • Make an Appointment: To schedule a meeting to submit your visa application, get in touch with the Czech embassy that is located the closest to you. A list of all Czech embassies can be found here.
  • Send in Documents: On the day of your appointment, present all of the documentation. To review the procedure and the list of necessary documents, click this page and select the type of work permit you require.
  • Decision: After reviewing your application, the Czech Ministry of Interior (MOI) decides.
  • Visit Czechia: Should your application be accepted? After three days of arrival, you can travel to the Czech Republic to pick up the Employee Card thanks to the Long Stay Residence visa that you will acquire.

Quotas for Work Permits

There are restrictions on the number of employment card applications at various diplomatic posts. Every embassy is allotted a certain amount.

Time Spent Processing

The Czechia Work Visa may require sixty or ninety days to process. Once your application has been turned in at the embassy, the application period officially begins.

Duration of the Visa

The work visa is valid for a period of one to three years.


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