APPLY Now : FG Approves N60 Billion to Nigerian Youths, Small Business Owners, CBN to Disburse Fund

APPLY Now: FG Approves N60 Billion to Nigerian Youths, Small Business Owners, CBN to Disburse Fund

Good News for Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs: N60 Billion Funding Boost!

The Nigerian government has announced a significant investment in young entrepreneurs and small businesses!

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

Big Money for Small Businesses:

  • The Federal Government approved N60 billion to be distributed through the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) Agric Small and Medium Enterprises Investment Scheme.
  • This is great news for young Nigerian business owners, especially those in agriculture.

What it Means for You:

  • This funding aims to help young entrepreneurs grow their businesses and offer essential services.
  • It will provide much-needed support to young people trying to establish themselves in the competitive business world.

More Help is on the Way:

  • The government is also restructuring and legalizing the existing Nigeria Youth Investment Fund, originally established in 2020.
  • This fund offers N75 billion, with N25 billion distributed annually to youth-led and owned businesses in critical sectors.
  • An additional N25 billion has been released immediately from the 2023 budget and another N25 billion from the 2024 budget specifically for youth development.

Unique Approach for Youth Fund:

  • The government emphasizes a unique approach for the Youth Investment Fund.
  • This includes creating “formation clusters” where young business owners can collaborate and support each other.

Increased Youth Representation in Government:

  • The government has approved a 30% youth quota in government appointments, ensuring young women have fair representation.

Focus on Youth Empowerment:

  • This N60 billion funding is just one of many government initiatives aimed at empowering young Nigerians.
  • The Ministry of Communication, Innovation and Digital Economy launched the successful 3MTT program to train three million Nigerians, especially youths, in technology skills.
  • Another initiative offers N10 million to encourage Nigerians to adopt technology-driven agriculture.

Overall, this is a positive step by the Nigerian government to support young entrepreneurs and foster a thriving youth-driven economy.


Who can get the N60 billion?

The rules for who can get the N60 billion from the Agric Small and Medium Enterprises Investment Scheme are not out yet. It will likely focus on young Nigerians who own businesses in farming.

How do I apply for the N60 billion?

How to apply for the N60 billion has not been shared yet. Watch the government’s official channels and the Central Bank of Nigeria for news on how to apply.

What are formation clusters and their benefits?

Formation clusters are groups for young business owners set up by the Youth Investment Fund. These groups help young entrepreneurs work together and support each other. Being in a formation cluster lets you learn a lot, use resources and get advice from others like you.

What other government help is there for young Nigerian business people?

The Nigerian government has other help for young business people. This includes the 3MTT program for learning tech skills and the N10 million plan for businesses in farming that use technology. Look into these programs to see if they fit your business plans.



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