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Apply For NWAG Scholarship Program 2023 For Nigerian Female Students



Apply For NWAG Scholarship Program 2023 For Nigerian Female Students

Internet Society Foundation (ISF) Offers 2023 Research Grant Program for Researchers Worldwide (with up to US$200,000 in Funding)


The Internet Society Foundation is currently accepting applications for its 2023 Research Grant Program for researchers worldwide. The program aims to support global research collaborations that advance understanding of the Internet and its value for all.



This grant program is designed for research that is applied and open, with a focus on answering real-world questions and making the results openly available to the scientific community at no cost. The Foundation also supports research that involves human or animal subjects, as long as the project has been certified as ethical and in compliance with local laws. The responsibility for obtaining these certifications falls on the Principal Investigator of the project.



With up to US$200,000 in funding available, the Internet Society Foundation’s Research Program presents a unique opportunity for researchers worldwide to advance their understanding of the Internet and its impact on society. By supporting open and collaborative research, the Foundation is helping to ensure that the benefits of the Internet are accessible to all.


ISF 2023 Research Grant Program Thematic Areas

The Internet Society Foundation’s Research Grant Program 2023 invites researchers worldwide to submit statements of interest and proposals addressing topics related to one of the following thematic areas:

  1. Greening the Internet Research proposals focusing on Greening the Internet should promote an awareness of the environmental impact of the Internet. This includes an assessment of the energy consumption and waste generated by its use. It should also consider the ways in which climate change and extreme weather threaten Internet infrastructure and limit connectivity. The research should propose sustainability measures for the Internet to thrive while minimizing its environmental footprint.

  2. The Internet Economy Research proposals focusing on the Internet Economy should analyze how the Internet transforms traditional ideas about competition, production, and consumption of goods and services. The research should yield insights into the future of the Internet and its dependent market(s), allowing for equitable and gainful participation of everyone in a rapidly digitizing global economy.

  3. A Trustworthy Internet Research proposal engaging the idea of A Trustworthy Internet should attempt to explain how the Internet does or does not meet user expectations for information and services in terms of resilience, reliability, accountability, and security. The research should address the gaps in logic or infrastructure that affect trustworthiness and propose ways to enhance user trust in the Internet.

  4. Decolonizing the Internet: Exploring Restorative, Liberating, and Transformational Practices

    The development of the Internet depended on industrial societies that exploited resources dispossessed from Indigenous people and communities worldwide. As a result, the Internet can perpetuate inequality and injustice, especially when its design is not inclusive and its designers lack diversity. Furthermore, the Internet can invalidate traditional forms of knowledge production and sharing, leading to the erosion of languages and cultures. However, the Internet can also be a site for restorative, liberating, and transformational practices that bridge the past to a more just future or bring marginalized communities closer to the center.


    Internet Society Foundation Research Grant Program

    The Internet Society Foundation supports efforts to ensure that the Internet is open, globally-connected, secure, and trustworthy, and that it serves all people. To this end, the Foundation offers research grants to promote novel methodologies that generate solutions to Internet-related challenges. The grant program aims to identify and support a diverse and collaborative group of researchers and institutions, and facilitate access to intersectional research that can inform decision-making in government and industry.


    Benefits of the Research Grant Program

    The Internet Society Foundation Research Grant Program provides two levels of funding:

    • Independent researchers may apply for funding up to US$200,000, and grants will be awarded directly to individuals who are identified as the principal investigator on the project.
    • Organizations and institutions may apply for funding up to US$500,000. One or more awards in each of the thematic areas are anticipated subject to fiscal year funding.

    Requirements for Qualification

    To be eligible for the Internet Society Foundation Research Grant Program, independent researchers should have a postgraduate research degree (PhD, Masters) and peer-reviewed publications, patents, academic or independently published work in the relevant area. Public research institutions should be 501c3 or equivalent and should have a mission that is aligned with that of the Foundation. Additionally, all applicants must ensure that they meet the basic requirements outlined on the Foundation’s website, and underrepresented groups in the research world are highly encouraged to apply.



    Selection Criteria and Application Deadline

    Researchers are encouraged to submit a full application to be reviewed by the Independent Program Review Committee. Final submissions will be selected based on several criteria, including the novelty and collaborative nature of the research and its alignment with the Foundation’s thematic areas. The IPRC meets twice a year to review proposals, and the next Research cycle will open in April 2023. The application deadline is May 31, 2023.

    To apply, interested and qualified applicants should visit the Internet Society Foundation website and submit their applications in the Foundation’s grants management system. Incomplete submissions that do not meet eligibility requirements will not be considered.






How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to Internet Society Foundation on to apply
Only applications submitted in the Foundation’s grants management system will be considered. Incomplete submissions that do not meet eligibility requirements will not be considered

For more details,visit ISF website

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